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hdm magazine digital edition - March 2019

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healthcare buildings forum

healthcare buildings forum


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mental health & dementia
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mental health and dementia facilities magazine (mhdf)

mhdf magazine digital edition - March 2019

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mhdf is an exciting magazine for professionals involved in the planning, design, construction and facilities management of mental health and dementia care facilities. Against a backdrop of increased service demand, changing models of care, and the recognition that many current facilities are unfit for purpose, mhdf aims to provide information on current design best practice. It also covers government strategy, funding, the latest research, estates management, cutting-edge interior design, and technical insights into M&E, as well as showcasing innovative new products for mental health and dementia environments. Regular comment from architects, analysts and academics shows how all this fits together to improve the efficiency, accessibility and quality of the patient experience.


Editorial encompasses both the internal and external environment, providing an insight into design and specification best practice, as well the latest research into how improvements to the built environment, and service delivery, can enhance the health and wellbeing of patients. Every issue is packed with dozens of topical case studies showing the best ideas in design and most-innovative use of materials and technology across health and social care buildings providing services for people with psychological conditions and dementia. Product areas range from components making up the building envelope to the fullest specification for patient and public areas, including:

Cladding & roofing
Glazing & windows
Privacy products
Vision panels
Building controls
Floors & ceilings
Memory boxes and personalised products
Disability equipment and aids
Wayfinding and signage solutions
Modular buildings
Building envelope

Doors & entry and access systems
Indoor & outdoor lighting
Infection control
Building controls
Heating, ventilation & AC
Fixtures and fittings
Fire safety & security
Carbon reduction

Editor’s note

We are always pleased to receive ideas, articles and high-resolution photography for consideration on any of the above topics, and other areas connected to the design of health and social care buildings and estates and facilities management.

Contact: Joanne Makosinski (jo@healthcaredm.co.uk)

Latest news

A window of opportunity

A window of opportunity  » 

Increasingly, it is becoming much more widely accepted that the environments in which mental health services are delivered must be designed to be less institutional and more homely than traditional psychiatric facilities.

Other news

Taking design inspiration for Down Under  » 

Dementia design has come under the spotlight around the world in the past decade as the number of elderly people and those with the condition increases rapidly.

A helping hand

A helping hand  » 

Architects and project managers are becoming increasingly aware of how even the smallest details of the built environment can have a significant impact on the lives of people with dementia.

A window to the world of design

A window to the world of design  » 

The impact of nature, and views of nature, on the wellbeing and recovery of patients with mental health problems is well documented. So windows that look out onto landscaped gardens or surrounding scenery are crucial elements in the design of modern psychiatric facilities.

Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror  » 

We know that the design of homes, hospitals, and public spaces can make a huge difference to people living with dementia. But recently there has also been a more-widespread acceptance of the role that individual fixtures and fittings can play in enhancing the lives of this very-specialist cohort.

Picking locks

Picking locks  » 

Imagine this scenario: You book a night in a hotel, check in, and are told you can’t have a key. If you want to lock your room you will need to return to reception and someone will accompany you back and lock it for you. Few people would stay given this restriction.


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