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News archive - September 2015

Industry struggles to meet BIM deadline

Industry struggles to meet BIM deadline

Three quarters of construction professionals do not believe the industry is ready to meet mandatory BIM Level 2 requirements by 2016, according to research conducted by UK Construction Week in partnership with BRE, the leading authority on the built environment.

Just over 74% of respondents think the industry will fall short of this target, which is due to come into effect for all centrally-funded procurement projects next year.

Worryingly, a further 62% of those questioned said they do not understand what is needed in order to meet the requirements.

Uncertainty abounds

The research, which questioned more than 1,200 architects, contractors, developers, engineers and product manufacturers about their experiences of BIM – Building Information Modelling - revealed a number of uncertainties throughout the industry.

In particular, the results uncovered a tension between the expectations of the specification community and the perceived demand for BIM-compliant products by manufacturers and suppliers.

Nearly 71% of the non-manufacturing respondents believe suppliers are not moving quickly enough to provide BIM-ready information.

Conversely, though, when questioned about the main obstacle to creating BIM-ready components, 41% of manufacturers said there is simply not enough demand for this from their customers.

Looking at the barriers to more-widespread adoption of BIM and the most-cited challenges are a lack of in-house expertise (25%), inadequate understanding within the supply chain (15%) and limited time to commit to training (14%). Overwhelmingly, 96% of respondents replied that there is a need for greater support and training in BIM.

Growing support

Overall, however, acceptance and adoption of BIM does appear to be on the increase, with the majority (85%) of respondents claiming that its introduction is a positive development for the industry. Only 16% of the sample have never used BIM and have no plans to do so.

Richard Morey, group event director UK Construction Week organiser, Media 10, added: “It’s interesting that the survey results have revealed such a gulf between the expectations and reality of BIM implementation.

“It’s clear there’s still a high level of confusion about what’s needed across the industry and there’s an obvious thirst for high-quality information and training.”

BIM is the process of designing a building collaboratively using a system of computer-generated models, rather than separate sets of drawings. It offers considerable cost and time savings and much greater accuracy.



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