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News archive - November 2017

Homes boost puts pressure on GP estate

Homes boost puts pressure on GP estate

120 new GP surgeries and medical centres will be required in the Green Belt by 2025, new figures suggest.

With 360,000 new houses planned, and a recent £3billion government investment in construction; Adam Thompson, director at Primary Care Surveyors, warns that little regard is being paid to the required social infrastructure to support those developments.

And he said a shortage of primary care medical facilities looms unless action is taken now.

He told hdm: “Many current medical premises are woefully inadequate, outdated and not fit for purpose; requiring substantial investment and improvement.

“GP practices can only grow and improve if their premises are modern and adaptable to requirement.

“The solution may be to build new medical centres that can incorporate multiple services, such as GP practices, dental clinics, pharmacies, district nurses, social care and other community services.

“However, this will require significant investment and collaboration with GP practices to form local ‘super clinics’. Failure to do so will only put undue pressure on local hospitals and A&E departments.”

According to research from the Health & Social Care Information Centre, the average population per GP practice in the UK in 2015 was 6,884 patients.

For the Government’s planned green belt expansion, this would make a case for over 120 new primary care medical centres.



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