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Bender UK

Bender UK was established in 1997 and is part of the Bender Group - a global company with a reputation for innovation in electrical safety products.

At Bender UK we are regarded for our expertise in electrical safety and turnkey operating theatre solutions for group 2 medical locations. We offer a range of products and services including; turnkey operating theatre installations incorporating Bender medical IT systems (IPS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ATICS® SIL 2 changeover and monitoring technology; touchscreen theatre control panels (TCP) incorporating x-ray viewers and PACS screens.

Bender UK has proven experience in delivering clinical solutions. We are the exclusive distributor of Merivaara theatre lighting supplied with our new clinical pendant and other third-party manufacturers equipment as required.

Over 500 hospitals in the UK and Republic of Ireland have Bender equipment installed, providing resilient systems that protect patients and hospital staff from loss of power and theatre shut-down.

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