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How to harness the emotional effect of colour

Designing patient bedrooms in mental health facilities is crucial for promoting privacy, rest and recovery.

To ensure a patient-centric approach that values patient privacy and dignity, designers must create inviting spaces that feel like home by incorporating familiar patterns and materials, which requires thoughtful colour considerations to help patients feel more relaxed during their stay. Designing bedrooms for inpatient mental health facilities can also present unique challenges, such as accommodating diverse patient needs and preferences, ensuring safety, and reducing noise levels to prevent stress.

How to harness the emotional effect of colour

The coloured harmony of a space enables patients, staff and visitors to be immersed into an atmosphere conducive to their well-being, whether they seek privacy, stimulation or conviviality. The choice and positioning of colours on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture can focus the user’s gaze on a specific point or conversely open the space to divert attention.

When selecting materials for mental health bedrooms, designers should consider using solid-coloured flooring to help conceal debris and dust. Additionally, incorporating natural materials and realistic textured woods on surfaces can promote a sense of comfort and well-being. Acoustic flooring with a minimum rating of 17dB should also be included to help reduce noise levels to create a more peaceful environment.

Consider the following colour pallets to create welcoming bedroom spaces:

  • Use pastel colours to open up a space to create a calming haven from busy public areas
  • Vivid colours contribute to creating a cheerful, uplifting atmosphere
  • Natural colours should be used to create an authentic and cosy atmosphere, helping to reduce stress levels
  • Calm colours create a balance and flow throughout a number of different spaces and creates a classic yet contemporary look that will uplift any environment.

Our commitment

As a recognised approved supplier on the ProCure22 Framework, we are committed to the research, development and manufacturing of flooring solutions that improve clinical outcomes to support staff, visitors and patients alike.

With millions of square metres of flooring installed in the healthcare sector; one hospital out of two across Europe is equipped with Tarkett flooring.  Our broad-ranging portfolio covering - vinyl, linoleum, safety, carpet, static conductive, wet room, wall coverings and accessories – provides a solution for every area of a healthcare facility.

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