Designing for people
Here we review the first virtual mental health and dementia facilities forum which was held earlier this week
Getting tough on bugs
The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown the spotlight on hospital cleanliness and hygiene. We look at how this is impacting on hospital infection control and facilities managers
A long road ahead
We ask whether the NHS is doing enough to meet the Government’s target of ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050
Experience-based design
Jo Makosinski speaks to the team at Cygnet Health Care about their novel approach to mental health design, which is transforming the way we think about therapeutic environments
Humanising mental health environments
Making mental health environments homely and ‘normalised’ can be a challenge when considering the somewhat-conflicting need for safety and security. But manufacturers are increasingly realising this and, as a result, a new generation of innovative products is hitting the market.
A fresh approach
An exploration of how colour and artwork are being incorporated into surface materials to enhance health and care settings.
Fencing off stigma
Security is key for mental health environments, but this doesn’t mean they have to look institutional and threatening.
Making an impact
Exploring how modern wall protection products are helping to improve health and care environments as well as reducing maintenance costs.
Cleaning up!
Exploring how modern floor-cleaning equipment is helping to improve hygiene levels in healthcare facilities.