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Bender delivers operating theatre project

Bender UK has been awarded the contract to deliver critical power supply solutions and equip four state-of-the-art theatres at the new £100 million The Harborne Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK.  

The multi-speciality private Hospital opens its doors next year and will include 50 private inpatient beds, 16 private day-case beds, and four state of the art operating theatres. It will offer modern outpatient services, including consultation rooms, an imaging suite, and a fully equipped day-case unit with outpatient chemotherapy and radiotherapy services. 

The Harborne Hospital is in partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham and will provide additional capacity for NHS patients on dedicated floors.

Bender has installed resilient Medical IT Power (IPS) across the hospital to support two endoscopy rooms, the six-bed Intensive Treatment Unit, and the operating theatres.  It is also supplying and commissioning equipment in the four theatres, including Bender CP9 theatre control panels, Merivaara Q-Flow™ advanced surgical lights, and full integration of audio-visual equipment, including HD cameras mounted within the lights and viewing screens. Multimovement ceiling-mounted service pendants will supply medical gases, power and data alongside the operating tables and intensive care beds. 

One of the theatres is a Hybrid Theatre where Bender is providing a complex medical technology integration system with third-party devices, including Siemens equipment.

For more information on The Harborne Hospital project, visit:

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