Care homes quick to specify Crown Sports Lockers

Healthcare storage range to help avert Covid19 risk 

UK care home managers are acting quickly to protect staff by specifying changing facilities that raise infection control levels.


In the wake of the Government allotting more than £500m to help care across the country protect themselves against Covid19, managers are seeking out products that help lower infection risk.


Hard on the heels of bespoke locker manufacturer Crown Sports Lockers launching its Healthcare range of changing room provision, managers are seeking out the intrinsically hygienic storage solutions for care home staff.


Under the Stay Clean, Stay Safe banner, Crown can supply lockers fabricated from 18mm EcoPlastic recycled PVC board, independently tested to ISO standards, with surfaces proven to inhibit pathogen growth with a 99.99% efficiency kill rate.


Stay Clean, Stay Safe solutions include integrated Biomaster inorganic, non-leaching technology that will never wear off, remaining permanently active to provide antibacterial and antiviral protection throughout lifetime of use.


Made in Britain manufacturer Crown’s hygienic range offers a smarter, safer, flexible solution for applications in hygiene-sensitive environments. Curves, profiles and right angles are all possible without compromising the board’s surface integrity. Angled locker tops also ease cleaning and ensure unwanted build-up of objects.


Homogeneous, with a closed cell PVC foam core and solid PVC surface, the board used is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and non-porous. All lockers are manufactured by Crown in their UK factory. The company is a Made in Britain manufacturer and is FSC certified, ensuring materials are sourced only from sustainably managed forests.


Managers are acting to ensure care home staff can change into workwear before entering sensitive areas, using facilities that are as infection resistant as possible.


Several care homes have already specified Crown clothes lockers in the Healthcare range so they can store their casual clothing while on duty, before changing back into them after leaving for the day.


Those just specified feature crisp white doors, fitted with hasp locks, edged in 2mm warm grey ABS and fitted with sloping tops to avoid unwanted build-up of objects.


“Care homes have responded quickly to the Government funding recently released,” says Crown Sports Lockers Director Spencer Grimwood, “and they see a pressing need to ensure staff are protected from the risk of Covid19 infection by adding standalone changing areas that are intrinsically hygienic.


We are delighted to be able to help them achieve that aim by providing storage solutions that help raise infection control measures.” 

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