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Ocura provided furniture in a range of colours for the new Heatherwood Hospital
Ocura provided furniture in a range of colours for the new Heatherwood Hospital

Ocura provided furniture for the new Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot, Berkshire.

Selective use of colour throughout the interior was used to support clear colour mapping for ease of navigation, along with blended upholstery colours to create a calm and vibrant modern interior that works with the surrounding landscape. Choices of furniture included Koko, the Arvada Patient Chair, and a range of Longa Modular Seating, all available in a wide range of colours. Of equal importance was the creation of a relaxing and visually-appealing area for staff.

Creating a visual break with the use of different colours, as well as the opportunity to sit and relax in comfort, is important as staff performance can also be affected by the quality of their immediate visual environment. For example, Kilda Armchairs and Sofas not only provide comfortable seating, but are available in a wide range of colours that can provide a break from the routine colours of the ward and enhance the feeling of restoration with the use of alternative colourways.

A company spokesman said: “The growth in recent years of evidence-based design highlights the need to enhance patient wellbeing, not just through clinical care, but also through the environment, and choosing the right colour for the right environment is now understood to play an important role in optimal wellbeing.”

Modular seating solutions offer the chance to change spaces
Modular seating solutions offer the chance to change spaces
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