Introducing pioneering new pressure relieving technology

A clean and efficient healthcare environment is of vital importance and not only enhances the quality of life for the resident but also the quality of care given. Renray Healthcare has recently introduced a new, innovative mattress called Noodles across all care sectors including acute Trusts, large care home groups and community equipment stores - and it is set to revolutionise pressure care.

The Noodles Technology mattress range is a fully cleanable and recyclable zoned pressure redistribution system with enhanced microclimate. It is designed to address the challenges of those individuals that are bed bound, those that are clinically at risk of developing Pressure injuries, have existing tissue damage or those that have moisture associated skin damage. Noodles is also, more environmentally friendly than all foam and air mattresses. As well as having an extended life span and being easier to clean it has been shown to save carer’s time significantly, when putting the Noodles mattress into use. This means that more direct care can be given to the resident.

“Noodles can be socially cleansed between each person, negating the need to remove the entire dynamic system for each individual. This in turn allows the care-giver more time, and reduces the manual handling risks involved with moving heavy equipment.” Louise Savine Lead Tissue Viability Nurse Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trustospitals

As the mattress is fully recyclable, the technology improves carbon footprint and offers improved infection control from its easy-to-clean benefits. Most foam care mattresses are committed to landfill after the cover being breached. The Noodles offers enhanced resident comfort and pressure area care, zoning in on an all-body support, emersion and excellent pressure reduction in both lying flat and profiled positioning.

“Patients have expressed how comfortable the noodles mattresses are, compared to their dynamic mattresses at home, and have even asked if they can take them home” Louise mentions.

Noodles provides a cost-effective solution with its longer life recyclable mattress that reduces replacement costs, contributes to the overall reduction of clinical waste and has enhanced sustainability which promote environmental savings and targets. “It is clinically effective, fully washable and kinder to our environment than current mattress solutions” stated Graham Gladwin Product Director at Renray Healthcare.

Designed for the next generation of care, Noodles Technology provides many environmentally friendly benefits.

Take a look at our free Noodles brochure click here:Noodles Brochure 2020.pdf

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