Rinnai continuous flow hot water delivery units and systems offer unlimited amounts of hot water for hand washing and hygiene in all applications and sites

Rinnai units and systems are guaranteed to supply temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in all and every type of application, provided there is a constant supply of gas and water.

For many years’ gas fired storage water heaters were a preferred mode of hot water delivery. However, new technology in the form of continuous flow gives limitless amounts of hot water on demand and eradicates storage losses. Some sites that have switched from stored to continuous flow have achieved energy savings of up to 30%. Rinnai will also provide substantiated data in the form of Whole of Life costing analysis geared at showcasing the savings from both a carbon and energy perspective across the total variety of building envelopes.

Says Pete Seddon for Rinnai, the leading UK supplier of continuous flow units, ‘Especially now if we look at the ‘like for like’ out with the old one and in with a new Gas Fired stored water heater - there is actually a major amount of work involved in this.  Changing old for new does not mean it is better. Most plant rooms are limited in space which would require the old equipment removed before the like for like appliances can be installed. 

‘Not only that but if the appliance being replaced was non-condensing and the new appliance was condensing then the flue would most likely require changing as well as the provision to discharge condensate. Plant rooms were very rarely designed to remove equipment which would require the old equipment being dismantled before it can be removed. This requirement to remove equipment before new is installed would have a major impact - and it takes so much time. And time is in short supply now,’ adds Pete Seddon.

‘The hot water system would have to be completely shut down to allow such major works to take place and most sites simply cannot allow this to happen. 

Due to the size and weight of these appliances it can make life very difficult for installers. They are usually manufactured from Enamel Lined (Glass Lined) Mild Steel which can make it extremely heavy but also very fragile. It would require multiple personnel to manoeuvre these out and in, may be specialist lifting equipment and for plant rooms high up cranes would be required. All of this does not sound easy which will add a lot of time and cost to the overall installation. Not only that but if specialist lift equipment and cranes are required you are going to need suitably trained personnel as well as permits. 

‘So, what can continuous flow solutions offer that can make this whole process a lot easier? Well, we will start with their size and weight. This type of technology is normally a similar size to a modern-day combi boiler but only weighing at most 30kg. That is a one-man lift. In this box packs a punch as well with two sizes available in 47kW and 58kW. This would equate to a large volume of hot water for such a physically small appliance. (774 and 954 litres per hour at a 50-degree rise)

‘The other benefit is the ability to cascade these appliances so when more hot water is required you would simply add more continuous flow water heaters. This would mean that just a single installer could create a system that would produce vast amounts of temperature accurate hot water. Whilst also creating built-in redundancy – what is meant by this is that if one unit needs to be shut down the whole site still has ready access to hot water. 

Also possible is a ‘plug and play’ cascade sequencing control system that will automatically control how many appliances are running at any one time, all the installer would have to do is plug it in and select the primary water heater. Continuous flow can easily cope with any size of site. Simple as that,’ adds Mr Seddon.

 With a continuous flow system there are also externally sited units where there is just no space in a plant room. These external hot water heaters are fully weather protected with and hold IPX5D rating. They also come with frost protection down to -20°C and will keep the appliance protected so long as the mains power supply is left switched on.

Rinnai’s complete range of hot water heating units are available for next day delivery on orders placed before the previous mid-day. 

Rinnai UK has excellent stock levels of all units in the range plus spares and accessories.

Installers can contact the company direct in gaining access to the supply of units -  

Call    01928 531 870 or email and 

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