MedGasScan is a new on-site inspection service offered by BeaconMedaes

MedGasScan is a new on-site inspection service offered by BeaconMedaes, the medical gas pipeline specialists. Our qualified team can undertake a full inspection of your medical gas pipeline system, to identify and quantify gas leaks that may be present in the pipeline itself, or the associated equipment.

Our camera is designed to detect ultrasonic signals produced by the loss of gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, entonox or medical air, which are typically not detectable by the human ear. Leakages can be often be found on components joints within source equipment such as manifold control systems and air plant or control valves which can be “blanked” off and hidden in ceiling voids. As well as worn out terminal units, hoses and flow meters connected to the patient equipment. The camera works at distance or through protective windows on products such as area valve service units (AVSU’s).

Our camera uses 124 microphones to create a very accurate acoustic image in the wanted direction. This acoustic image is then transposed in real-time on top of a digital camera picture, which allows the user to accurately see from which direction sound is arriving to the camera. Different sound sources can then be separated from background noise and saved.

After the gas system has been tested and tagged a comprehensive report is produced highlighting the leaks on the system. The flow of each leak is determined in litres per minute, as well as the accumulated losses. This can then be calculated into an estimated yearly cost. A detailed list of leaks will follow in report, where you can find intensity of leak which ranges from green (good) to yellow, orange and through to red. This can be converted back to a cost saving for the facility, as well as highlighting any potential fire risks associated with oxygen leaks, or large negative carbon impact of gases such as Entonox or nitrous oxide. By undertaking a comprehensive check of your system problems can be identified and corrected by our installation or maintenance teams.


For any further information on this service, or to arrange an on-site audit please contact [email protected] 

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