Protection Panels Enhance Design, Durability & Hygiene

When thinking about lifecycles and longevity of building interiors take a look at the Yeoman Shield range of wall and door protection products. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry our range of wall and door protection has been designed and honed to add the perfect finishing touch to a building’s interior, enhancing its design, durability and hygiene.

Interior design considerations

Specifying our wall and door protection products for your project is the ideal way to add a vibrant and beautiful interior design into your building. With a wide range of colour options, finishes and design styles available, our range has been created in line with market demands to provide a stylish solution for upgrading the interior aesthetic of your design.

Lasting protection

Our products greatly extend the lifecycle of walls and doors by shielding them against the damages caused by everyday traffic and the movement of trollies and equipment inside a building. This ensures your project will stand the test of time, reducing the need for regular costly redecoration and maintenance. In the long run, this both saves money and keeps the building looking smart and presentable – a benefit for lifecycle and BREEAM considerations.


Our protection products also greatly improve hygiene in a building; by protecting against dents and scratches, they provide an easy-to-clean surface free of imperfections which could harbour harmful bacteria. Built from rigid PVCu, these panels do not support the growth of bacteria and mould and are designed to be easily washed and disinfected to prevent viruses from spreading.

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