Stannah introduce a new cost-effective passenger lift range


Making it easier to specify the perfect lift for your project

With a 150-year legacy of delivering lifts, Stannah, a UK company knows how to stay ahead of trends and keep focused on its customers’ needs.

Stannah Lifts has introduced a new range of passenger lifts that are cost-effective and much easier for professionals to specify. Introducing the straightforward Maxilift range – for cost-effective, quick to specify and install traction lifts. And Xtralift, our extensive range of fully customisable traction lifts. 

Both new passenger lift models also have brand new styling, a choice of finishes, plus smaller dimensions for the controller cabinet. The core Xtralift range is also designed to cater for projects that require more flexibility, such as HTM compliant lifts, evacuation lifts for emergency egress etc. Irrespective of the model, Stannah lifts remain as hard-wearing and energy-efficient as ever.

 “We believe specifying the right lift should be effortless, with no compromise between performance, dimensions and design,” explains Alastair Stannah, Managing Director at Stannah Lifts. “Specifying, installing and maintaining lifts in a hospital, clinic or care home is a unique challenge. Physical dimensions can be difficult, and official guidance is complicated. Most importantly, patients and professionals need continuous service to ensure safe, dignified care.  To tackle it, you need a broad range of lifts, supported by a flexible, caring service team. But most of all, you need experience - something which Stannah has more than 150 years of.”

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