The Rise in Retail Health post Pandemic

KB Architects have been approached and are currently active in a number of bespoke Retail Health projects during and post pandemic. The rise of Retail Health can be attributed to a number of key factors:

 People are taking a more active role in personal health post pandemic

  • Many businesses have chosen during and post pandemic to focus more on personal wellbeing, offering health and wellbeing perks and inducements to staff
  • People are shopping less and spending more time and money on their health and wellbeing
  • There are less retail units available due to the reduction in office space which has freed up commercial space for Retail Health
  • The post covid world has helped relax the change of uses to commercial and office spaces to allow more flexibility to convert office / retail spaces into other uses such as healthcare

 In the past 12 months KB Architects have experienced greater demand for healthcare clinics in lieu of commercial retail units which has helped to driven this new and rapidly expanding  sector. With more and more office spaces becoming naturally redundant due to the boom of online shopping and working from home, there are now more site opportunities available with direct access to the public for niche healthcare providers. Dental clinics and general healthcare clinics have successfully been on our high streets for years, however they now have more diverse locations and building types to choose from.

The latest updates to Change of Use planning legislation which came into effect as of September 2020 has also contributed through the introduction of easement and flexibility in many of the existing commercial and retail units. This planning change of use update has persuaded more landlords to consider providing more flexible spaces for health and wellbeing related uses which is a direct result of post pandemic demand for these spaces.

Aesthetics clinics which are less demanding as a clinical space have been the latest expanding sector showing fast growth and public demand which can be associated to the rise of social media and the demand to improve one’s personal mental health and wellbeing, especially amongst the younger generation. These are fast and easy procedures that can be applied at any time with no clinical recovery requirements, therefore they can be located in almost any building type without significant retrofitting. KB Architects who are developing a niche as  specialists in healthcare fit-out projects are seeing more bespoke type clinics approaching the market offering different types of alternative therapies, as well as aesthetics. They are currently designing and delivering an aesthetics clinic in Embassy Gardens, London which will offer treatment rooms as well as sound healing and yoga facilities, see attached CGI visual.

“ The interior aesthetics, mood and ambience of the private clinics are becoming more critical to the clinicians as they need to develop a bespoke brand, and also be physically and digitally persuasive to welcome existing and new clients to the business. A method we strive to deploy in all our healthcare projects is the inclusion of Biophilic Design. Biophilia is currently popular in the commercial sector, however when it is carefully executed Biophilia is more cerebrally and physically appropriate to the healthcare sector to help deliver calm and welcoming spaces.” - Kimia Benam, Creative Director of KB Architects’. Examples can be seen in the attached CGI visuals of a dental clinic KB Architects are currently designing in Battersea, London. 

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