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MedGasScan from BeaconMedaes helps healthcare facilities reach Net Zero targets by identifying and quantifying gas leakages on the medical gas pipeline system.

MedGasScan is an innovative solution for medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS) that ensures meticulous leak detection and mitigation, aligning with the NHS's stringent standards for environmental sustainability.  Leveraging BeaconMedaes' MedGasScan as part of its Turnkey Sustainability Package, BeaconMedaes proudly enhances NHS facilities' adherence to Net Zero policies for anaesthetic gas management.  

Ultrasonic detection capability

The essence of MedGasScan lies in its ultrasonic detection capability, precisely identifying and quantifying gas leakages, including oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air in a wholly non-invasive manner.  These leaks, often imperceptible to the human ear, are not only a financial burden but also heighten risks like nitrous oxide exposure, presenting potential health hazards to patients and staff alike.  The advanced acoustic MedGasScan camera, equipped with 124 microphones, forms an accurate acoustic image, enabling operators to pinpoint leak origins amidst background noise.

Rigorous leakage audit process

Central to MedGasScan's excellence is its rigorous leakage audit process.  This involves an on-site inspection, where each detected leak is digitally tagged, quantifying its intensity through a colour-coded system—yellow for small, orange for medium, and red for significant leaks.  This meticulous tagging, coupled with a detailed report of leak intensity and flow rate, empowers healthcare facilities to make informed decisions, minimising energy wastage and potentially significant costs.

Turnkey Sustainability Package

Under its Turnkey Sustainability Package, BeaconMedaes is committed to a proactive approach.  A MedGasScan is included at the initiation of the order, followed by subsequent scans at years 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, all included in its class-leading Sustainability Service and Maintenance contract.  This ensures the medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) remains leak-free, maximising the capture of nitrous oxide and Entonox and thereby contributing to the NHS's mission of achieving a sustainable Net Zero future.

A greener, more sustainable future

Choosing BeaconMedaes and MedGasScan for unparalleled precision in medical gas management reinforces the NHS and broader healthcare market’s commitment to patients and staff safety, operational efficiency, and environmental stewardship.  Together, BeaconMedaes and healthcare providers can shape a greener, more sustainable future for healthcare.

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