White paper helps balance NHS energy priorities and budgets

Powerstar releases healthcare white paper exploring the importance of a secure and stable power supply at a time of dwindling budgets and in line with the UK's net-zero carbon ambitions

The paper considers each arm of the 'energy trilemma' facing the healthcare sector
The paper considers each arm of the 'energy trilemma' facing the healthcare sector

To support NHS trusts to balance their energy priorities against dwindling capital budgets, Powerstar has published a new white paper specifically aimed at the health sector.

The energy trilemma – the need for reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy – is one of the most-pressing problems within the UK and globally. 

And, for the healthcare sector, a secure and stable power supply is particularly critical, at a time when budgets are stretched more than ever.  

At the same time, the NHS has laid out binding net-zero targets with the aim of becoming the world’s-first net-zero national healthcare service.

The Powerstar white paper offers an overview of the energy trilemma and why balancing the competing agendas of reliability, affordability, and sustainability are so important in the current climate. 

It considers each arm of the trilemma, highlighting the issues facing the NHS and other healthcare providers. 

Alastair Morris, chief commercial officer at Powerstar, explains:“The NHS has the UK’s most-ambitious targets for achieving net zero and decarbonising such a vast organisation presents massive challenges. 

“But addressing one aspect of the energy trilemma can impact negatively on the remaining two priorities. For example, a fully-decarbonised energy supply is, even in the current economic climate, more expensive than a continued reliance on fossil fuels.

“Renewables are inherently inflexible, meaning that a complete shift to renewables, while meeting sustainability imperatives, can lead to a less-affordable, less-secure energy supply. 

“Clearly, these competing agendas must be carefully balanced. 

“Our healthcare white paper is founded on insights gained working with NHS trusts and healthcare providers and on our own expertise and investment in R&D. 

“As well as considering each aspect of the energy trilemma, we include an overview of the types of modern energy technology that are making it possible for the NHS to balance these agendas, helping to provide greater security of supply, reducing costs, and working to the sustainability required by net-zero targets.”

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