Dulux platform finds and compares the right contractors for any job

Dulux is transforming how people can discover skilled commercial decorating contractors with a comparison platform.

The Dulux Connect Directory aims to make it simple for professionals including architects, project managers and commercial designers to easily compare decorating firms, saving them valuable time.

Specifiers can search for contractors with relevant experience and preview accreditation certificates - for example ISO 9001 or Construction Online, to ensure they are selecting from only the most reliable of businesses.

For specialist projects, the Directory allows specifiers to filter their search by key criteria to find contractors with the right skill set for their project, offering reassurance that a contractor can meet the requirements of complex and technical decoration projects. 

Oli Partington, Sales Director, says: “Finding a reputable and skilled contractor can be a labour intensive and time-consuming process for anyone who needs to complete a decoration project. 

“With Dulux Connect Directory we’re aiming to make this as painless as possible, while providing the best quality commercial decorating in the industry.

“The platform allows anyone tasked with engaging a commercial decorator to swiftly select from our nationwide database of trusted decorating firms.

“By refining the selection based on sector experience, specialist skills and industry accreditations, specifiers get peace of mind that any firm they select will be the right match for the job.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure the platform is intuitive and easy to use - making it simple to compare and contact multiple contractors at the same time.

“For contractors, the service presents them with a vital opportunity to enhance their reputation and showcase their skills to a wider audience.”

Dulux Connect Directory makes selecting the right contractor for a specific job straightforward through its Intelligent Search function that matches project requirements with contractor capabilities.

A moderated client review system will be built up, providing feedback directly from commercial clients and building users that have worked with Dulux Connect members giving a real world opinion of their service.

For more information, visit: https://connectdirectory.dulux.co.uk/ 


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