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Inclusive Schools

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on creating an inclusive and accessible environment across various sectors. This is especially true in centres for learning and personal development, where it is essential to create spaces that foster inclusivity for students of all abilities.

Interior design plays a pivotal role in shaping the physical and emotional environment of educational facilities. At Tarkett, we have leveraged this understanding to create solutions that accommodate the diverse needs of students, educators, and visitors, ensuring that no one is excluded in anyway.

Acoustic comfort: Inclusive design encompasses not only physical accessibility but also emotional well-being. Tarkett offer several acoustic solutions across our diverse product portfolio that create comfortable and quiet environments. This is particularly important for students with sensory processing challenges or hearing impairments.

Flexibility and adaptability: Schools evolve over time, and their spaces should be flexible enough to adapt to changing needs. Tarkett's interior solutions are designed with modularity in mind, allowing schools to reconfigure spaces without major disruptions. This is especially beneficial for students who may require specific accommodations.

Assist in wayfinding: Helping students and staff to navigate educational buildings or sprawling campuses more easily, reduces confusion and anxiety. Well positioned signage, the creative but careful use of colour and pattern and the inclusion of tactile warning floor tiles or strips all play a part.

Tarkett’s Commitment

At Tarkett, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive portfolio of flooring and wall solutions that are suitable for a wide variety of settings.

The ideas around how to best teach and support children and young adults has developed considerably in recent years. Environments are now expected to contribute to students’ personal development and the transition into adult life. Having a collection of suitable products to choose from is important to supporting the education of future generations.

Our wide portfolio of floor, wall solutions include vinyl, lino, carpet, LVT, safety floor and both indoor and outdoor sport floors, all of which have been developed to support the various requirements within an education setting.  

Read more about how to create inclusive spaces in schools here:

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