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Woodland setting for new mental health unit
Work begins on eating disorders inpatient facility in Sandbanks
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Work begins on specialist mental health unit in Merseyside
“It builds on a long tradition of hospitals providing specialist care in the Maghull area and is another part of our development of Maghull Health Park as a centre of excellence. “This new hospital has been designed with great precision and care. It will look beautiful and will include low-carbon features and be energy efficient. “Essentially, though, it will provide support for people across the region requiring complex care in a therapeutic low-secure setting to the very-highest standards that they des...
Challenging the 'obsession' with ligature risk
Speakers at the Design in Mental Health Annual Conference call for a new apporach to ligature risk in order to create more-therapeutic environments
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Dementia and mental health design best practice comes under the spotlight
They worked with James Leadbitter, creator of Madlove: A Designer Asylum, an approach that blends research, design, building ,and exhibitions to reimagine how mental health facilities could look. Christian said: “When it came to the engagement process, there was a strong feeling from some patients and their parents that they didn’t want the unit to follow the trend of being homely and domestic. “Spaces needed to be comfortable and functional, but service users still needed to know they were in a place of...
Challenging stigma through design
The forward-thinking design of a new psychiatric facilityis helping to challenge the stigma attached to mentalill health as well as creating a more-therapeuticsetting for recovery.

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