Modul’up: The perfect solution for healthcare refurbishments 

Are you looking for a new floor covering for your healthcare project, but worried the installation might disrupt day-to-day medical care and unsettle patients? Look no further than Forbo Flooring Systems’ innovative Modul’up range.

Quick, easy and economic

Designed to be installed with minimal subfloor preparation, or even over a variety of existing floors and subfloors, Modul’up reduces installation time by over 50% and minimises the impact on day-to-day functions. But don’t just take our word for it….

Speaking of the Modul’up installation at Ormskirk District General Hospital, Dominic Gillies, Account Manager at Crown Flooring, commented: “We completed the Modul’up installations overnight, Monday to Thursday, while the department was closed.”

Once the flooring has been fitted, no application or drying time needs to be factored into the project as the installation is completely free of adhesives. This means that the area can be walked on immediately, wheeled equipment can be rolled over straight away, and furniture can be put back in its original place. What’s more, during refurbishment, lingering odours, dust and other constraints usually associated with adhesives are eliminated, contributing positively to the wellbeing of patients, staff and residents.

Contemporary designs 

Part of Forbo’s Fast Fit collection, the Modul’up range is available in 94 designs, which have been split into the following design families: Wood, Material, Colour and Graphic, and include new digitally printed items.

For more information about Forbo’s Modul’up range, visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk  or to discover Forbo’s healthcare portfolio, visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/healthcare  

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