Vistamatic is proud to introduce our enhanced bespoke design service, Vista Art.

Research has proven that colour can play a part in creating an exciting or calming influence within an environment.  Adding art to the vision panels also softens the physical appearance of the doors, making them appear less institutional. Vistamatic understands the importance of this and pride ourselves on our effective approach to interior design. With our Vista Art vision panels, any type of custom graphics can be applied to a project, from soothing or colourful designs, to logos and brand identity. We can create visuals that can transform the aesthetics of an environment while maintaining the privacy and observation controls needed. Vistamatic is even able to colour code the banding on a vision panel to match the colour scheme where they are installed, giving a warmer, brighter, and more unique feel.

In facilities treating mental health, and dementia wards in particular, artwork can assist patients therapeutically, due to its calming nature. It also helps physically, since just finding their bedroom when faced with multiple doors can be confusing. By applying specific imagery to the door, patients get crucial visual cues, allowing them to navigate easily.

Vistamatic and sister company BetweenGlassBlinds are looking forward to showcasing Vista Art and the rest of our product range in August at the Design In Mental Health Show 2021.  Come visit us at stand 420 to discuss how bespoke artwork would enhance your project.  We will also be featuring our line designed for mental health environments, such as the Vista Safe Anti Ligature panel and the BGB integral blinds with Anti Ligature Thumb Turn handle.

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