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Pioneering Sustainability – The CDU & its impact on the NHS

The Central Destruction Unit from BeaconMedaes pioneers sustainability in healthcare and has a profound impact on the way hospitals manage anaesthetic gases.

In the concerted quest for sustainability within the NHS, a critical challenge has been the management of Scope 1 anaesthetic gases, specifically nitrous oxide/Entonox (‘gas and air’).  This potent greenhouse gas, widely used in medical settings, significantly contributes to the environmental footprint of healthcare facilities.

The Central Destruction Unit (CDU), exclusively supplied by BeaconMedaes in the UK&I and manufactured by Medclair AB in Sweden, is a paradigm-shifting solution that allows the NHS and the broader healthcare market to safely and sustainably continue to use nitrous oxide/Entonox.  The CDU stands as a testament to BeaconMedaes’ dedication to harmonising medical excellence with environmental stewardship.

Why focus on nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a recognised culprit in the climate crisis, with a global warming potential 298 times greater than CO2 over a 100+ year period.  Addressing its emission is not just an option but an imperative for the NHS's sustainability journey.

The CDU: a beacon of sustainability

The CDU impeccably aligns with the NHS's Net Zero policy, offering a robust response to the nitrous oxide challenge.  By deploying innovative this technology, the CDU effectively neutralises all captured nitrous oxide/Entonox emissions, transforming them into their harmless natural state gases.  This not only curtails the direct environmental impact but also carves a pathway for healthcare providers to meet and exceed their stringent Net Zero targets.

Key benefits of the CDU

  1. Significant emission reduction: Directly addresses Scope 1 emissions, setting new benchmarks in environmental responsibility.
  2. Regulatory alignment: Ensures compliance with stringent environmental standards, fortifying the NHS’s standing in regulatory adherence.
  3. Health and Safety: Greatly reduces Weighted Time Average (WTA) levels to well below the limit of 100ppm.
  4. A full turnkey package: The CDU forms part of the wider turnkey solution from BeaconMedaes, which includes a full nitrous oxide/Entonox management solution.

The CDU isn't just a piece of technology; it's a beacon guiding the NHS towards a sustainable future. The NHS is embracing this innovation, reducing its ecological footprint, and leading the charge in transforming healthcare into a realm of sustainability.

BeaconMedaes is here to assist the NHS in its transition to a sustainable healthcare provider.  For more information on the BeaconMedaes range of medical gas solutions and services, please visit

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